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TCS COVID-19 Information

Tennessee Weekly COVID-19 Data Dashboard Updates

You may access the state data dashboard by vising

As Tullahoma City Schools continues to look at data regarding COVID-19, the district will be utilizing a daily-updated dashboard that supplies parents, teachers, staff, and the community with updated statistics for the eight TCS campuses.
Attached is a media release regarding the new data dashboard that will be updated daily. Those wishing to take a look at the dashboard can do so by visiting
Additionally, TCS Director of Schools Dr. Catherine Stephens has addressed some of the questions that she has been receiving regarding COVID-19. That video can be seen by clicking here.

TCS Health & Safety Protocols

Please review the following updates: 

● The use of outdoor spaces for learning, exercise, and socialization is encouraged. 

● Visitors will be welcomed; please check with your individual school-level administration to determine expectations of and procedures for any visitors. 

● TCS will continue practicing routinely washing hands with soap and water throughout the day. Hand sanitizer usage is acceptable when handwashing is not feasible. 

● High traffic use areas and the overall facilities and school buses will continue to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. 

● Water fountains will be available for use, as they were during our summer camps. 

● The choice to wear or not wear a mask is an acceptable option.

● Field trips will be allowed to occur, and safety protocols will be followed, as was done during the spring semester. A news release with those expectations will be shared soon. 

● Parents should monitor their children for any signs and symptoms of illness. Sick students should stay at home until they are symptom-free for 24 hours without any fever-reducing medicines. 

● Students who test positive for COVID may return to school after 5 days if symptom-free for 24 hours. Contact your child’s school nurse with any information regarding your student’s illness to determine the next steps and/or return date. 

● Parents of close contacts will be notified.

Please note that the above guidelines may be altered based upon local transmission rates or from updated guidelines from the CDC. Visit the Tullahoma City Schools website to read the latest guidelines.