Enrollment and Registration

**Updated TCS Board Policy 6.203 with changes going into effect for this next school year**

“Enrollment and admissions each school year...will require residency verification with updated documents for proof of residency.  Acceptable forms of proof of residency include a valid driver’s license, TUA bill, Elk River Public Utilities bill, house payment stub, rent receipt (with a notarized form from your landlord), an internet bill, landline phone bill, an official government bill in parent/guardian name, a government check, or SSI.” 

Enrollment and Registration Information:

  • Registration of a new student whose family resides within Tullahoma City limits (address is registered to pay city property taxes): 
    • This takes place at the school of zone. Please contact the school of zone and ask about a time to pick up a registration packet. The next registration window will open at schools starting on July 19th.

  • Kindergarten registration: 
    • There is another 2 week window that will open back up on July 19th and go until school starts.
    • In-district: at the school of zone. Parents can email shannon.duncan@tcsedu.net if there are questions regarding school of zone.
    • Out-of-District: families will need to fill out an Out-of-District Application (Google Form) when it opens back up on July 19th.
  • Request/application to register an Out-of-District student:
    • Application is made via a Google Form (submitted online directly from the website) that will open back up on July 19th.
    • It can be found at tcsedu.net ⇨ District Tab ⇨ Enrollment and Registration section ⇨ Out-of-District Application.
    • Please read and understand TCS Policy 6.204 as well as the updates regarding the tuition payment schedule - half of total tuition due by the end of the 1st semester; remaining balance due by end of April.
  • An Out-of-Zone Transfer Request (student zoned for one TCS school but requesting another):
    • Per TCS Board Policy, the month of June is the time period for Open Enrollment. 
    • A Google Form titled “Out-of-Zone Transfer Request” will be open during this time to submit these requests.
    • It can be found at tcsedu.net ⇨ District Tab ⇨ Enrollment and Registration section ⇨ Out-of-Zone Transfer Request. 
    • Approval of these is based on seat counts in grade levels and school requested as well as Director approval.
  • Tuition:
    • New tuition money for the 21-22 school year can not be taken until after July 1st. It is paid directly to the Business Office in the TCS Administration Building.
    • Updated TCS Policy 6.204 goes into effect this upcoming school year and states that at least half the year’s tuition is due by the end of the first semester, and full payment is due by the end of April.
  • Home School:
    • Any withdrawals to or re-entries from a “Home School” status need to contact shannon.duncan@tcsedu.net.

Contact Information

Dr. Shannon Duncan | Director of Student Services
301 W. Decherd  Street
Tullahoma, TN 37388
Email:  shannon.duncan@tcsedu.net
Phone:  (931) 222-4196 Fax:  (931) 454-2651