Information for Employees and Substitutes

Non-Discrimination Statement

Tullahoma City Schools (TCS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, color, age, and/or disability in admission to, access to, or operation of its programs, services, or activities, and provides access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  TCS does not discriminate inits hiring or employment practices.

Announcement, 403(b), Marketplace Letter, etc.

Code of Ethics

Educator Licensure & Preparation

The TDOE Office of Educator Licensure and Preparation is responsible for the issuance of all Tennessee educator licenses, and approval of educator preparation programs.  

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Insurance Information

Health insurance is part of the Partners for Health through Tennessee and you have an open enrollment from October 1 – 26, 2018.

Dental, Vision, and Health Insurance is through Lester, Greene & McCord of Tullahoma. Currently they use USAble for life insurance products and will use The Principal for dental and vision (2019).


Newsletter Partners for Health Open Enrollment 2019

Health Plan Comparisons 2019


Pay Stub Deductions

Any deduction that has EE is employee-paid deductions.

HYBRID EE is state retirement added July 2014 for all new employees that haven't been in Tennessee Consolidated state retirement plan.

Health insurance plans:

  • BC CDHP EE is Blue Cross Consumer Driven Health Plan
  • BC LIM EE is Blue Cross Limited health plan
  • BC NOPART EE is Blue Cross No Partnership promise health plan
  • BC PART EE is Blue Cross Partnership health plan
  • BC STAND EE is Blue Cross Standard health plan
  • LIM HLTH EE is Limited Health Plan which can be either, Cigna Local Plus or Cigna Open Access PART
  • HLTH EE is partnership health plan which can be either Cigna plan
  • STAND EE is standard plan which can be either Cigna plan COA
  • CDHP EE is Cigna Open Access Consumer Driven Health Plan
  • COA NO PART is Cigna Open Access no partnership health plan
  • HSP COA EE is Health savings plan Cigna open access the funds TCS is giving employees
  • HSP BC EE is Health savings plan Blue Cross the funds TCS is giving employees
  • FRINGE is set up for both Health Savings Plan deductions and is set up to offset the TCS deduction. It is necessary so not to charge the employee only to give the employee the TCS benefit.

Bank name is where Direct Deposit is sent: 

  • Dental EE is Blue Cross/Blue Shield dental insurance
  • DEP CARE EE is Dependent Care
  • FEDERAL EE is income tax employee only
  • FICA EE is social security tax
  • MEDICARE EE is medicare tax
  • HM LIFE EE is Horace Mann Life Insurance
  • TCS LIFE EE is Tullahoma City Schools Life insurance with USAble Insurance
  • MED REIMBURS is Medical Reimbursement employee deduction with USAble Insurance
  • FLEX BEN EE is the volunteer employee payflex deduction
  • A/F ROTH EE is American Fidelity Roth
  • H/M ROTH EE is Horace Mann Roth
  • TERM LIFE is Volunteer life insurance USAble Insurance
  • TRS EE Tennessee Retirement System
  • RET KK EE is Retirement Kool Kids
  • RETIRE EE is Retirement with The Principal Plan
  • RET FOOD EE is Retirement Food Service
  • VALIC TSA is Valic tax shelter annuity
  • A/F TSA is American Fidelity tax shelter annuity
  • AMER TSA is Ameriprise tax shelter annuity
  • H/M TSA is Horace Mann tax shelter annuity
  • MET LIFE TSA is Metropolitan Life tax shelter annuity
  • OPPEN TSA is Oppenheimer tax shelter annuity
  • VALU TCH TSA is Valu teachers tax shelter annuity
  • VISION is Vision insurance with The Guardian insurance

Any deduction that has ER is employer paid deductions, only listed on stub to show what TCS pays for employees. ER codes is Employer-paid amounts for employees.

HYBRID ER Amount paid by TCS 5% to Hybrid vendor Empower or Great-West Retirement

  • BC LIM ER Blue Cross Limited Employer
  • BC NOPART ER Blue Cross No Partnership Employer
  • BC PART ER Blue Cross Partnership Employer
  • BC STAND ER Blue Cross Standard Employer
  • LIM HLTH ER Cigna Local Plus or Cigna Open Access Limited Health Employer
  • PART HLTH ER Cigna Local Plus or Cigna Open Access Partnership Health Employer
  • STAND ER Cigna Local Plus or Cigna Open Access Standard Health Employer
  • COA NO PART Cigna Open Access No Partnership Employer
  • PART HLTH ER Cigna Open Access Partnership Employer
  • COA STAND ER Cigna Open Access Standard Employer
  • DENTAL ER Blue Cross Dental Employer
  • FICA ER Social Security Tax Employer
  • HSP COA ER Health Savings Plan Cigna Open Access Employer
  • HSP BC ER Health Savings Plan Blue Cross Employer
  • TCS LIFE ER Tullahoma City Schools Life Insurance Employer
  • MEDICARE ER Medicare Tax Employer
  • H/M HLTH ER Horace Mann Health Supplemental Plan Employer

  • TRS ER Tennessee Retirement System Employer
  • RET KK ER Principal Retirement Kool Kids Employer
  • TRS ER HYBRI Tennessee Retirement System Employer Hybrid Plan 4% to Tennessee Consolidated Retirement Vendor

  • RETIRE ER Principal Retirement System Non-Certified Employer
  • RET FOOD ER Principal Retirement Food Service Employer VISION ER The Guardian Vision Employer
  • UNEMPLOY Unemployment Employer Zero Amount used for Quarterly Payroll Report only

Plan for Hiring Teachers Working with English Learners

All teachers of any language instruction program for English Learners (ELs) need to be fluent and competent in the four domains of language assessed by the English Language Proficiency Assessment: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Tullahoma City School District will take the following steps when assessing a teacher for employment to work with EL students:
  • Reading:  The applicant’s college transcript will be reviewed for appropriate college level courses which require strong reading skills, which may include but are not limited to literature, science, history, etc. The applicant must have earned a “C” or higher to be eligible for employment for EL students.
  • Writing:  The applicant’s college transcript will be reviewed for appropriate college level courses which require strong writing skills, which may include but are not limited to literature, science, history, etc. The applicant must have earned a “C” or higher to be eligible for employment for EL students.
  • Speaking:  During the interview, a designee will document incorrect grammar and syntax mistakes. Appropriate speaking fluency will also be noted.
  • Listening:  During the interview process, a designee will document listening mistakes as noted by inappropriate responses to questions.

All applicants must hold a valid Tennessee teacher license with the appropriate endorsement and be highly-qualified in their respective field(s).

Salary Schedules

Section 504 Manual

Sick Leave Bank

Substitute Teacher Information

Substitute Teaching Requirements:

  • Minimum of 21 years old and High School Diploma
  • $60 per day for non-certified
  • $75 per day for certified
  • $100 per day for retired teachers (receiving full retirement)

A+ Substitute Teaching

Educational Information:  Substitutes

Fingerprint Reimbursement

Handbook for Substitute Teachers:  2018-2019

Employment Eligibility Verification:  Form I-9

Medical Form for Substitute Teacher

TCS Substitute Application

W-4 Form:  2019


TCRS Hybrid Retirement Plan Information for Teachers Starting July 1, 2014

Tullahoma City Schools participates in the State of Tennessee Hybrid Retirement Plan. The Hybrid Plan is a combination of a defined benefit plan (TCRS) and a 401(k) deferred compensation plan. Tullahoma City Schools adopted the Hybrid Plan for employees hired on or after July 1, 2014. The Hybrid Plan provides required participation for all full time employees hired on or after January 1, 2017. A Hybrid Plan member who has met the vesting requirements for TCRS will receive a retirement benefit that will consist of a calculated monthly payment from TCRS and the accumulated balance in the member’s 401(k) plan. Please contact Human Resources for additional information.

TNSBOE Public Schools Minimum Requirements for Approval of Public Schools

Rules of State Board of Education Minimum Requirements for the Approval of Public Schools

Click Here to view the Rules of The State Board of Education Chapter 0520-01-03 Minimum Requirements for the Approval of Public Schools