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Our Strategic Plan

Takeoff Toward 2026: Tullahoma City School District’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan 

Tullahoma City Schools is strategically planning the next five years. After taking input from stakeholders that include staff, parents, community members and students, the Board of Education has identified the following three items as priorities:


Our Strategic Plan


By 2026, the seven school campuses will have equitable and suitable spaces in place to support the mission of TCS, which is to provide challenging and innovative experiences that support each students’ academic, social and emotional development, preparing them to live with integrity and a sustained passion for learning.


By 2026, Tullahoma City Schools will have a virtual academy in place that meets the unique needs of TCS students in grades K-12, through an innovative, online learning environment, which nurtures social and emotional well-being through weekly virtual, or in-person planned interactions. 


By 2026, Tullahoma City Schools will have added clear pathways from school to work in the local community through internships, apprenticeships and valuable partnerships with local businesses and organizations that foster this pipeline.