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Information About The Program

Charge Policy approved by the TCS BOE:

1. Faculty and adults/visitors may not charge or eat a meal or al a carte items at no cost. There is no charging meals.
2. Students are not allowed to charge al a carte items.
3. Students in Alternative School will not be allowed any charges.
4. The Board of Education will reimburse the school nutrition program for any unpaid charges at the end of each fiscal school year.
5. Students will not be denied a meal regardless of how much money is owed. Staff will work with student and family to apply for financial assistance through the Free and Reduced Application Process as well as searching the database for Directly Certified students on the State Database. Cafeteria staff will work with principals on a collection process in each school.



After schools snacks are available at each of our schools for any club, sport or any enrichment group function on campus after school ends Monday-Friday while school is in session. The snacks will include two items and the cafeteria manager can help supply these snacks to each group. Please contact your school cafeteria manager to take advantage of this free program today.