School Nutrition


Assorted Berries


Farmers Salad- mixed fresh vegetable

Ms. Angela Cardwell  |  Director of Nutrition, SNS

(931) 454-2604

                                                      "If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger"- Buzz Aldrin

Due to safety precautions we will not be exchanging money at our registers this school year.
Money can be sent in cash or check form to the schools.
  • It must be sealed in an envelope with the students name and amount enclosed.
  • The envelopes must be put in the money deposit boxes located in the cafeterias.
  • We will not be providing change so please send the exact amount you want deposited to your students meal account.
  • We are zero contact with any students for their safety and ours.
The third option is to deposit funds on the accounts through with a credit card. 
Thank you for working together with us to keep students and faculty safety as our number one priority.
During these unprecendented times, the TCS Nutrition Department wants to ensure every student has access to breakfast and lunch. This includes distance learners. If your student's instructional model for the first nine-weeks is distance learning and you are interested in participating in meal services, please contact Angela Cardwell, Director of Nutrition, at 454-2604.

Mission Statement 

The Tullahoma City Schools Nutrition Program vision is to feed children, nutritious and delicious meals, one day at a time.