Textbook Adoption

Per state law, school districts are tasked with the responsibility of adopting textbooks and instructional materials since they are best positioned to choose which resources meet the needs of their students, educators, and community.  Local districts have the option to adopt a book from the state-approved list or apply for a waiver to use a different text.
The tables below list textbooks, by subject area, TCS is recommending for adoption.  Final adoption is Monday, April 15, 2019.  For more information, please call (931) 454-2600.

Click Here for information on Tennessee's Department of Education Textbook Review Process - Please refer to Section D - Local Adoption Year 2019

Social Studies K-12 & AP

Grade Title Company
K Tennessee Studies Weekly:  The World Around Us Studies Weekly, Inc.
1 Tennessee Studies Weekly:  Our Place in the United States Studies Weekly, Inc.
2 Tennessee Studies Weekly:  Life in the United States Studies Weekly, Inc.
3 Tennessee Studies Weekly:  Geography, Economics & Early History Studies Weekly, Inc.
4 Tennessee Studies Weekly:  Colonization to Reconstruction Studies Weekly, Inc.
5 Tennessee Studies Weekly:  Industrialization to the Civil Rights Movement Studies Weekly, Inc.
6 World History & Geography:  Ancient Civilizations McGraw-Hill School, LLC
7 World History & Geography:  Middle Ages to the 1700s McGraw-Hill School, LLC
8 United States History & Geography:  Colonization to Reconstruction McGraw-Hill School, LLC
9 World History:  The Modern Era Pearson Education, Inc
10 Tennessee United States History:  Reconstruction to the Present Pearson Education, Inc
11-12 Tennessee Economics Pearson Education, Inc
11-12 Shepard McGraw-Hill School, LLC
11-12 Thinking About Pyschology Bedford, Freeman & Worth
12 Principles of Economics, 8th Ed. Cengage
10 The Unfinished Nation McGraw-Hill School, LLC

World Language - Spanish

Grade Title Company
9-12 Senderos 2018, L1 Vista Higher Learning, Inc.
9-12 Senderos 2018, L2 Vista Higher Learning, Inc.
9-12 Senderos 2018, L3 Vista Higher Learning, Inc.

CTE - Business Management & Administration; Finance & Marketing

Grade Title Company
10-12 Century 21 Accounting:  General Journal Cengage
10-12 Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2016:  Introductory Cengage
11-12 Shelly Cashman Series Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2016:  Intermediate Cengage
9-10 Principles of Business Marketing & Finance Goodheart - Wilcox
9-12 Professional Communication Goodheart - Wilcox